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EPJ Plus Focus Point: Rewriting Nuclear Physics textbooks: Basic nuclear interactions and their link to nuclear processes in the Cosmos and on Earth

This topical collection contains the lectures presented at the Summer School ``Re-writing Nuclear Physics textbooks: Basic Nuclear Interactions and Their Link to Nuclear Processes in the Cosmos and on Earth" which was held at the INFN Sezione di Pisa and Department of Physics of the University of Pisa in July 2017. The School followed the format of its first edition (``Re-writing Nuclear Physics textbooks: 30 years with Radioactive Ion Beam Physics") held at the very same places two years earlier, and whose lectures have been published in EPJ Plus.

The scope of this new collection is to highlight the wonders of the Nuclear Interaction as it manifests itself in natural phenomena on Earth and in the Astrophysical context. Again, all of the contributions contain state-of-the-art information presented for an audience of educated but not necessarily expert physicists.

Some lectures are strongly theoretically oriented:

  • From the liquid drop model to lattice QCD by Vittorio Somà.
  • Light and unbound nuclei by Sofia Quaglioni.
  • Heavy nuclei: Introduction to Density Functional Theory and
  • variations on the theme by Gianluca Colò.
  • A short walk through the physics of neutron stars by Isaac Vidanaa.
  • Symmetries and fundamental interactions: Theory by Luca Girlanda.

while others provide also the experimental point of view:

  • Introduction to experimental nuclear astrophysics. by Alba Formicola and Gianluca Imbriani.
  • Neutron-induced cross sections by Renee Reifarth et al.
  • Phenomenological optical potentials by Alessia Di Pietro.
  • Direct reactions as quantum probes for nuclei by Susumu Shimoura.
  • Symmetries and fundamental interactions: Precision experiments at low energies by Klaus Kirch.
  • Resonances in neutron-induced reactions by Frank Gunsing.
  • Nuclear interactions and medicine by Vincenzo Patera and Ilaria Mattei.

All articles are are available here and are freely accessible until 20 July 2019. For further information read the Editorial.

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