New Editors-in-Chief for EPJ D

December 31st, 2014 marked the end of the terms of appointment of two of the Editors-in-Chief for EPJD, Professor Kurt Becker (New York University, USA) and Professor Nigel Mason (Open University, UK). Profs Becker and Mason have served as Editors-in-Chief since 2009, representing the fields of plasma physics and atomic and molecular physics respectively. Under their leadership the journal has seen substantial growth and development across a broad range of topical areas, with special issues published in diverse fields including microplasmas, electron-positron collision physics, cluster physics and radiation biodamage. The publishers would like to express their sincere appreciation to Kurt and Nigel for their service to the journal and the wider community as Editors-in-Chief over the past five years.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of their successors, starting from 1st January 2015.

Andrey Solov’yov
Professor Andrey Solov’yov (MBN Research Center, Frankfurt, Germany) is appointed as Editor-in-Chief with responsibility for the journal’s coverage of atomic and molecular physics. Prof Solov’yov is Scientific Director of the MBN Research Center in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, was previously head of the Meso-Bio-Nano Science group at the FIAS, and is a Leading Research Fellow at the A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St.Petersburg and a full professor in physics at St Petersburg State Polytechnical University in Russia. He has been an active member of the Editorial Board since 2006, and in recent years has been involved with a number of Topical Issues including the nano-IBCT series.

Andrey Solov’yov
Professor Holger Kersten (Kiel University, Germany) replaces Kurt Becker as Editor-in-Chief responsible for the plasmas section of the journal. Dr Kersten was appointed Professor at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics at Kiel University in 2006, having previously been head of the plasma processes group at the INP in Greifswald. The focus of his research includes basic studies on the interaction of plasmas with surfaces, complex plasmas and their applications in plasma technology. In 1999, he received the Osthoff Plasma Physics Prize in recognition of his research. He has been an Editorial Board member since 2010, and more recently has also served as Colloquia and Reviews Editor for plasmas.

Completing the team, Professor Vladimir Buzek is halfway through his term as Editor-in-Chief, and continues in this role with responsibility for the journal’s coverage of quantum optics and quantum information.

We wish the new Editors-in-Chief every success in their roles and look forward to working with them and the Editorial Board through 2015 and beyond.

Pere Roca i Cabarrocas and Daniel Lincot
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