EPJ D Colloquium: From nuclear to meso systems: how small is simple and how large is complex?

How small is simple and how large is complex? This is the question asked in a new Colloquium article by Jean-Patrick Connerade of Imperial College, published as part of the Topical Issue of EPJ D on Dynamics of Systems at the Nanoscale.

The article discusses the new size-dependent effects characteristic of the nanoscale range which justify considering ‘dynamics on the nanoscale’ as a scientific area in its own right rather than merely an extension of existing knowledge to a different parameter range. The paper includes a preliminary list of such effects, and it is shown to include many challenging unsolved problems for future research, as well as a number of fundamental investigations which are more or less advanced in development at the present time.

Pere Roca i Cabarrocas and Daniel Lincot
ISSN: 2105-0716 (Electronic Edition)

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