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Open Access Policy

Being co-published by Springer, the EPJ journals offer a variety of open access options for authors to publish their research. Authors can choose to have their paper published open access within an established subscription-based EPJ journal. In addition, we offer a suite of EPJ Open journals, fully open access journals and focused on new emerging areas of physics and related interdisciplinary subjects. All EPJ Open articles as well as articles published in our subscription-based journals using the Open Access option ("Open Choice") are truly open access and Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licensed.

Information on our publication policies such as Open Access licensing and copyright, Self-archiving, manuscript deposition, and digital preservation, APCs (Article Processing Charges), funder compliance, etc. can be found here.

Open Access in EPJ Open journals

The European Physical Journal wishes to foster the development of the Open Access publishing model in the physical sciences. To this aim a suite of electronic journals freely available to the global scientific community has been launched by the EPJ publishers.

Articles published in these journals will be freely and permanently accessible online. Authors retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and are free to reproduce and re-distribute it without restrictions, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

EPJ Applied Metamaterials

EPJ Data Science

EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

EPJ Photovoltaics

EPJ Quantum Technology

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation

EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies

EPJ Web of Conferences

Moreover as of 2014 EPJ C – Particles and Fields is published as a full open access journal funded by SCOAP3.

Open Access in traditional subscription-based EPJ journals (Open Choice)

Since November 2006, all EPJ journals have offered "Open Choice" an Open Access option for papers that have successfully passed the peer-review stage, through the payment of an open access fee prior to publication. Authors who elect to use this option are provided with the same extensive publishing services as those for papers published in the subscription mode, but with the following additional services:

a. The online version of an open access article will be perpetually, universally and freely accessible.
b. The initial copyright holder (by default, the author) is entitled to keep his/her copyright.

Authors wishing to publish an accepted paper as "Open Access" should inform the editorial office of the corresponding EPJ journal, following receipt of the acceptance letter. They will then be contacted regarding the corresponding payments, where applicable. The current standard open access fee is € 1,800 per article. No taxes are included in this charge. Authors resident in any European Union country have to add Value-Added Tax (VAT, currently 20%). Institutions paying the fee on behalf of the author can in most cases have the VAT refunded, or by providing their VAT registration number avoid paying VAT altogether. The article will be tagged "Open Access" and will be published and disseminated as such once the payment has been received.

For "open access" papers, authors should use the following license agreement (based on the Creative Commons license) instead of the usual EPJ copyright transfer statement and send it to the responsible production editor.

Further information about "Open Choice" can be found here

Funding Open Access Publishing

In order to support authors who choose to make their research articles immediately available upon publication, we have compiled a list of research funders and institutions worldwide that fund open access article-processing charges (APCs). More details can be found here.

Sponsored Open Access

Corresponding authors who are affiliated with an institution that is part of one of the Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreements will get their article published Open Access upon verification done by default during the production process and the article processing charge (APC) is covered by the agreement partner. The corresponding author is the person who submits the manuscript and handles the correspondence with the publisher during the publication process.

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